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Jazmin Harvey

Jazmin is a queer Latinx filmmaker and organizer from the borderlands of New Mexico. Jazmin’s work is community facing and focused on bridging the gaps between activism and art.


Among other film projects, Jazmin was the Director of Photography for the short film Seeds, directed by Morningstar Angeline. As a social justice storyteller, Jazmin created short documentaries for the ACLU of Southern California, and has been working in the film industry since 2015. She is a member of the ICG Local 600 and has worked in the camera department on films including Finch, The Harder They Fall, Outer Range, and Dark Winds.


Currently, Jazmin is writing a feature length screenplay titled La Tormenta (The Storm). 

La Tormenta explores the intersection of queerness, white Latindad and heteropatriarchy on the border.

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