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Rie Kawakami

Rie Kawakami is the 2007-2008 artist in residence at the BAR. Rie earned her MFA from the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts & Music. Her work is focused mainly on metal sculpture. Rie has had several solo shows around the world, but mostly emanating from her home in Japan.

Rie Kawakami’ s work is about expressing respect, anxiety and mystery against transcendent time and power in nature. She mainly uses steel material to produce sculpture, installation, and Site-specific art to visualize energy inherent in the object and space. She also produces interactive art that express metaphor of Macro form consist of individual’ s action. After studied at Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, She has exhibited in numerous locations in the world including a group exhibition’ s work “Zero Gravity” at The National Art Center, Tokyo in 2013.

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