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 Carissa Samaniego 

 Carissa Samaniego is a visual artist based in Colorado. Her work and research explore the intersection of place and identity through a range of media including sculpture, video, installation, and site-based projects. Raised between a reserved Midwestern household in Minnesota and a close-knit Latinx family in New Mexico, this work is informed by family traditions, generational knowledge and place-based relationships that straddle geographic and cultural borders. She interweaves objects, materials and imagery to give form to a complex understanding of identity and place. 

Her work has been exhibited in the United States and Europe including the Kidwelley Industrial Museum in Wales, Galerie Klatovy Klenova in the Czech Republic, and Minneapolis College of Art and Design in the US. Samaniego has recently received awards and grants from Forecast Public Art, the McKnight Foundation, and International Sculpture Center. She earned her MFA from University of Colorado Boulder and her BA from Saint Catherine University. 

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